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Pampered Pink

In August, I was sitting with my mother-in-law a few days after her birthday when she said (for the hundredth time) that her hair is thin. She wasn't just complaining that it is thin because she hates her thin hair. She was complaining because roughly 3 years prior to that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was hard. Her lumpectomy, chemo treatments, radiation, sickness. It changed her whole life. Not just hers either, it changed the lives of everyone around her.

We sat in the little recovery room waiting for the doctor to come in to tell us that he removed all the cancer. When he finally did, I could see the relief flood over my husband. Only, the journey didn't end there. There were months of chemo treatments and radiation to come. A few weeks later, that brave woman decided to have my brother-in-law shave her head. It was one of those moments you will never forget.

Fast forward back to that day in August 2016. I sat there thinking, she has no idea how beautiful she is. Not just beautiful in her appearance, but also beautiful from her fight. The beauty in her scars. The beauty in her strength. She needed to know. Not just her, but all fighters and survivors of this terrible disease. In that moment, Pampered Pink was born.

After a ton of planning, hard work, and collaboration from local vendors, the first annual Pampered Pink event was held October 2nd. It gave 16 amazingly strong women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer the chance to feel beautiful. A chance to be pampered.

Something Old Dayton graciously volunteered their space for our event. We had 2 great guys valet parking, and directing them to the event space.

Once you entered, a volunteer offered the women a bubbly drink, and some delicious goodies made by Sugar Bums Homemade Desserts.

From there, they were treated to free hairstyles (coordinated by Karlie Jones Hair), makeup (from Younique by Kristin VanZant), and even clothing (from LuLaRoe by Tracy Isner).

Once they felt thoroughly beautiful, they received their photos taken by myself or fellow photographer Lauren Marie Photography.

On the way out, each women received 2 prizes and a goody bag filled with items donated by local businesses. To top it off, as they were escorted to their vehicles, the valet would give them a pink carnation donated by The Flowerman.

I cannot tell you how amazing this event made me feel, and I cannot wait until we hold it again this year. One of the great things about this passion of mine is being able to give back. If you want to be involved with the 2nd Annual Pampered Pink event to be held in October 2017, please email

List of vendors who contributed:

Photographer - Dorothy Beam Photography (

2nd Photographer - Lauren Marie Photography (

Event Space - Something Old Dayton (

Hairstyling - Karlie Jones Hair

Makeup - Kristen VanZant (

Baked Goods - Sugar Bums Homemade Desserts (

Kettle Corn - Momma's Pop-N Kettle (

Carnations - The Flowerman (

Clothing - Tracy Isner LuLaRoe (

List of vendors who donated door prizes:

Dorothy Beam Photography - Dayton, Ohio Photographer (2 full sessions) Jeri Paquette St Clair (Younique Gift Basket) Erin Sholar (LimeLight Gift Basket) Christina McConnaughey Bednarek (2 KEEP Gift Certificates) Nichole Benavides-Raeth (Younique Gift Basket) Lauren Marie Photography (2 mini sessions) Jenny Price Massage (2 30-minute massages) Jamie Dale (Pure Romance Bath/Beauty Basket) 6 Belly Dancing Lessons Homemade Wooden Jewelry Box Tracy Hoover Isner (2 full LuLaRoe Outfits) Chrissy Waydo (Wilton 4 Week Course) Ballantine Gardens (Gift Set) A Taste of Sugar Bakery (Gift Basket) JD's Old Fashioned Frozen Custard (Gift Certificates) Local Love A Roaming Boutique (Gift Certificate) Sweet P's Handcrafted Ice Pops (Gift Certificate) Caramel Cravings (Gift Basket) Tiny Blue Manor (Vinyl Decals) Painting with a Twist - Dayton, OH (Gift Certificate) Buckingham Candle (Gift Basket) Tasha's Common Scents (Gift Basket) Four Acres Photography by Didi Williamson (Gift Certificate)

Youngs Dairy (Gift Certificate)

Shop Bravura (Item)

Dragon's Baseball (Gift Basket)

Gaming Adventures (Bottled Water)

Christopher's Restaurant (Gift Certificate)

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