Hello Darling! I'm Dorothy! 


Photography is my passion. It is what I was created to do. I love being able to give your family portraits that you can look back on to relive these sweet moments together. My goal is to catch the authentic laugh, and illustrate the genuine love you have for each other in every photo.​


Your session is not only about capturing that special moment, but creating a joyful experience. My goal is to make your session as easy as possible, which is why your session includes professional hair/makeup for mom and a variety of outfits in the studio wardrobe available for you and your family to wear.

My Top 5


My kiddos

My kids mean the world to me. They are what motivates me to pursue my passion. I want to lead by example, and show them how to live a happy, fulfilled life. 


My hubby

After 15 years, he is still the only person I can see myself with. He is my biggest supporter, and his love, friendship, and encouragement gets me through the day. 


Reading a good book is like taking a journey or going to therapy. Getting swept up in the fantasy excites my soul. I could be spend everyday with a good book on my front porch.


Hiking, boating, sitting by the water feeling the breeze. Getting lost in the woods with my hubby. A mojito by the water. The windows down and the wind in my hair. HEAVEN.


I love cooking. It could be a delicious vegetarian dish, or a beautiful dessert.  Something about standing barefoot in my kitchen over a gorgeous plate of food I made is so satisfying!