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My studio is located in Englewood, Ohio, convenient for Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio, as well as Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding areas. The space is in a 3 occupancy building, but has it's own private entrance. There is ample parking, including handicap.

Waiting Room

Once you walk into the studio, the waiting room will be on the right. It is the picture of elegance, decked out in white, cream, gold, gray, and pink. This room is decorated at Christmas in pink and gold as well. 

There are books and current issues of fashion magazines for you to peruse while you wait, as well plenty of past client photos decorating the wall. 

This room is also used for lifestyle photos during sessions if you choose.


Dressing Room


The dressing room is where you will start your session, and where you get to play dress up during your planning consultation. 

The studio wardrobe is filled with clothes for your family. Boys 0-3 Months through 2T. Girls 0-3 Months to 14/16. Women XS to 4X. It's all there! 

Plus, there is a variety of jewelry and crows for you to use during your session.

When you are receiving professional hair and makeup with your session, this will also occur here. You'll be able to ask Alexa to play any variety of music you like, grab a Mimosa, and sit back and enjoy your time being pampered!



The majority of your day will be in the studio. It is set up for you to have a variety of backdrops {paper and canvas}, as well as props in your session. 

There are multiple studio lights to ensure that your photos come out beautiful! 

There is also a beanbag and dog bed used for your newborn photos in the studio.

This long space is long, which makes it perfect to set up and bounce back and forth between the space. 

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