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Christmas Is Coming

About a month ago, I had some time to kill. I’m not sure what you like to do to waste time, but I like to go to Hobby Lobby. It’s filled with all the things to decorate my house in ways I won’t actually decorate, and crafts to make that I won’t actually make. It’s wonderful. I can dream a dream, and buy some pretty things I don’t really need. So off I go to one of my favorite stores to waste time. A joyous occasion. Normally. Not that day. Oh no… not that day.

On that day, I was hit in the face with something I was NOT ready to be hit in the face with. Christmas. It was all over. In seasonal... In crafts... In home decor... In fabrics... In florals... NO!!!!! It’s too early. It’s not time yet. We have MONTHS until we are there. Go away! At one point, I was afraid I had actually screamed those words out loud, and not just in my head.

My mind was racing. Was this really happening? I had to get out of there. I’m not ready. If it really was time to start thinking about this, then I needed to make lists. Start planning. Budgeting. I’m not ready.

The next day, I’m scrolling happily through all the social media feeds. I’m laughing at the videos. My heart is warming at the photos of all the little kids. I’m loving all the empowered women. Then.. it happened. It was there. AGAIN. Christmas. Why is it everywhere? I closed out, and thought, thanks for ruining my down time 2 days in a row! NOW what do I do?

Well, what I did was have a little moment with myself to come to terms with it. I’m a photographer. I have to start thinking about Christmas. I have to start planning my mini sessions. {Now, let me say very quickly that Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I love hosting all of my family. I love over-gifting. It’s my love language. I just wasn’t ready to think about it in 90 degrees.}

So I did it. You would be so proud of me! I asked for all the advice. {Love you for helping me! Also, I was a bit surprised by the answers!}. I planned. I shopped. I decorated. I did it all for you, and now they are officially coming. Here are just one example of what is coming.

I’m opening bookings for my Christmas mini sessions this Friday to my email list. {If you aren’t already on it, make sure you sign up HERE!} I have a few surprises coming your way also, so make sure you check it out within the first 24 hours!

In the meantime, I’d love for you to leave a comment to let me know what your favorite set is. See you soon!



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