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  • Dorothy Beam

Using Color in Your Newborn Photos

As a newborn photographer, I absolutely love using color in my setups. I believe that when you add color, especially bold or bright colors, they really help to make the baby stand out in the photo. I generally suggest that you choose 2 colors and 1 neutral to use throughout your newborn photo session. Of course, I have a fully stocked selection of colorful items {including backdrops, layers, hats, bonnets, headbands, outfits, props, etc.} already in my Dayton, Ohio studio, so you do not have to worry about bringing any items with you.

If you are unsure what colors to include in your session, the best place to start is by looking around your home. Since photos will be displayed, what colors do you already use? What colors are in your living room? What about in the nursery? How about in the kitchen, hall, etc.

Still unsure? What are some of your and your partners favorite colors? Do you generally gravitate towards feminine colors? Masculine? Gender Neutrals? How about the tone of the color? Do you like the dark or light better?

Need more help? No worries! That is what I am here for. I walk you through all the options, ask you questions, look at photos of you and your home, and I help to guide you towards the colors I see trending within those answers/photos.

Want more information about a newborn session? You can learn more HERE.

Enjoy the samples below of how to incorporate color into your newborn session.

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