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  • Dorothy Beam

From D.C. to Dayton.. A Luxury Maternity Experience

While on the Zoom call with Paula, she mentioned to me that she was having a hard time choosing what type of maternity session she wanted. Part of her wanted a luxury studio experience in a fancy gown, and the other part wanted a Mother Earth goddess-like session outdoors. My question to her.. why do you have to choose? Why can't you do both? So that is what we did. Her and her fiancé traveled from Washington D.C. to my studio here in Dayton, Ohio. Together, we created both elegant photos in the studio, and beautiful images of her in a nature setting.

Blonde pregnant woman with husband in luxury maternity gown and suit

At the studio, she chose to wear 2 gowns, a robe, a fabric draping, and the wings.. all from the studio wardrobe. She was also pampered with complementary hair and makeup by the amazing Shaterra Jenkins. During the session, I guided her into both timeless and sexy poses that accentuated her curves and growing baby bump. Of course, dad was included in the session as well. This experience is for the whole family, not just the mom-to-be. Let me tell you.. he didn't disappoint. He came with outfit options, and dressed to the nines to match her beautiful gowns.

Maternity Collage with Blonde Pregnant Woman and Husband Luxury Sexy Photos

At the park, Paula chose to wear a gown, and also added a skirt over top for variety. She chose a white flowing dress with a flower crown to create that goddess-inspired look she desired. Her fiancé was, of course, included in some of the images, and he, once again, came to impress.

Luxury Outdoor Maternity Session in Dayton Ohio

Although I won't be able to photograph their baby girl when she comes since they live in D.C., I am so grateful to have been part of this journey with them. Capturing these special moments for them means the world to me. Helping them create a gorgeous, timeless album they will be able to pass down to her when she is older is exactly why I do what I do.

Congrats again Paula and Tim! I can't wait for you to meet your little girl. 💕

Hair and Makeup provided in the studio by Shaterra Jenkins -

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