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  • Dorothy Beam

3 Tips for Better Sparkler Photos

Can you believe that it is already going to be the 4th of July!? I'm not sure where this year is going, and I'm going to need it to slow down. {I wish I could really make that happen. lol} With the 4th comes fireworks! Are you ready for them? Do you go and watch them, or do you like to do some at home? Do your kids play with them? Today, I want to tell you my 3 tips for better photos of sparklers {or fireworks} so you can be prepared for all the holiday fun!

Tip 1 - Turn off your flash. It's dark, and I know you want to use your flash.. but just don't do it. The light from the flash will take away from the sparklers, and it could just look wonky. Turn it off. You'll thank me for it later. Tip 2 - Take photos in burst mode. Hold down the shutter button and take a burst of photos. This will help make sure you capture just the right moment! Afterwards, all you have to do is find the best one. {PRO TIP - You can also use these photo bursts to create a GIF!}

Tip 3 - Edit your photos after. You can edit them right on your phone in the photos section, or you can do it through an app like Lightroom or even Facebook or Instagram. Either way, play with the contrast, the exposure, the highlights, the shadows, the saturation, etc. This will enhance your image to what you want it to be. BONUS TIP - Have fun!! Just remember to be in the moment and have fun. Your kids, family, and friends are there to make memories with you. Don't let the only memory be of you with your phone or camera in your face trying to get that perfect photo.

Have a safe, fun holiday!



P.S. If you use any of these tips, I would love to see the results. Use #dbpphototips on social media so I can love your photos!

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