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  • Dorothy Beam

My Favorite Hobby, and Why I Make Time For It

As a photographer, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and so many more titles, I find it extremely important to make sure that I find time in my busy life for things that I enjoy that are just for ME. Some of my favorite things include {cue Julie Andrews}.. swimming, cooking, hiking, lounging in a bubble bath, watching a cheesy movie or overly-dramatic reality show, and my absolute favorite... reading. Today, I thought it was important to talk about my favorite hobby, and why I believe it is so important to make time for it.

I love to read. Sometimes, reading means grabbing my Kindle and flipping the electronic pages of a new romance mystery novel. Others, it is picking up a hard copy business book and highlighting what I find to be the most important parts. When I find myself on longer road trips, I like to press play on Audible to listen to a biography or mindset book read by the author. I love consuming books in any format.

I find that reading fuels me, inspires me, and brings me joy. We all need to make sure that we are filling our metaphorical cup often. I hate the cheesiness of this saying, but it still stands true.. "you can't pour from an empty cup". {I tried to Google it, but there is no clear origin of who to credit for this quote.} I find that when I take time to read {or do anything for ME}, I feel better. It makes me better in all other aspects of my life. Now that I have learned what makes me feel best, and I have learned the difference when I don't take that time, I make it a priority to make time in my schedule to read.

Reading is what brings me the most joy, but it doesn't have to be reading for you. What fills your cup? What makes you happy? What do you love to do just for you? Not because your partner, kids, boss, friends, etc. enjoy it, or it brings them the most joy. What brings you the most joy? Tell me in the comments, and then go out and make time for it {even if that means scheduling the time in your calendar}!

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